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How to bet on ball hockey?

In this article, we will learn about the main features of betting on ball hockey, learn what strategies are best for this discipline, and what bettors should not do.

Features of ball hockey

Bandy competitions are held outdoors and in an indoor stadium. The size of the court and goal is about the same as in summer hockey. Teams play two halves of 45 minutes and try to score as many goals as possible. From the start there are 11 players on each side. Substitutions are allowed during the game.

The most prestigious ball hockey competition is the World Championship. Ball hockey is not yet included in the Olympic program. Although it bypasses curling, short track and some other Olympic sports in terms of entertainment and popularity.

Main types of ball hockey betting

Among the main types of bets on ball hockey are the following:

  • On the main outcomes;
  • Betting on handicaps;
  • On totals;
  • On the exact score;
  • On the winner of the tournament.

Most often bettors prefer betting on totals and with handicaps. In this sport, you often meet opponents of different classes. It is, above all, the world championships. Betting on a clear victory of the favorite at paltry odds is very unprofitable. That is why many people bet on minus handicaps and total more. Forts can be as low as -10. Again, much depends on the level of the opponents. If Sweden and Hungary meet, for example, the score can be in double digits. In this pair the score difference is highly likely to exceed 10. Therefore, betting on the Swedes or Russians with a -10 handicap against Hungarians or other similar opponents is profitable.

Bets on the total more in field hockey are in high demand among bettors. The approach here is as follows. In group matches of the world championships preference should be given to the total more. Values of totals often exceed 15. But even in this case it is advantageous to bet on TB because of the large number of duels involving different level of opponents.

Often betting on individual team totals. On favorites IT often exceeds 10,5, and on their opponents total ranges from 1,5 to 4,5.

Betting on the exact score in hockey is advantageous in decisive meetings when the best teams compete. In this case, the options for scores are narrowed. And if you bet on 6 or 7 variants with the same amounts at odds higher than 10, you can count on a good total profit.

As for betting on the tournament winners, Sweden and Russia have long been the main contenders for the gold medal. Therefore, before the start of the World Championships, one of the national teams should be preferred to get a tangible profit. There is no point in betting on both teams by ordinaries to make a total profit.

More options for betting on the winners of national championships. The competition among the clubs in the championships of the leading countries is high. Therefore it makes sense to bet by single bets on 4-5 teams as winners at odds above 6 before the start of the competition.

How to bet on ball hockey correctly?

In ball hockey, the form of the main players is of great importance. Therefore, it is extremely important to bet with the injured players in mind. Some bettors do the following. They find teams in national championships with several key players out. This could be the top scorer, a midline player, or goalkeeper. As long as bookmakers still put up the same odds, it is advantageous to bet on the opponent with a plus handicap.

In the Russian league, the field on which the game takes place is of great importance. Very often the home team is much stronger. The home court factor plays an important role in the Bundy. Therefore, it is often advantageous to bet on the home team with a minus handicap.

Pay attention to the work of the head coach. If the star team does not get along with the game, and the results do not match the level of skill and claims of hockey players, then the problem is most often in the head coach. In such cases, it is advantageous to bet on the average player with a plus handicap, or on the victory of a strong team.

What are the best strategies for betting on bandy?

The following financial strategies are best for betting on bandy hockey:

  • Flat;
  • Fibonacci sequence;
  • Martingale;
  • Dalembert
  • Miller Management
  • Kelly Criterion.

To have a steady income from hockey betting, you need to be able to work with statistics and find valuables. This is where the Kelly Criterion will help. Bookmakers’ margins on bandy usually do not exceed 5%. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find bargains in the spreadsheet.

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