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Progressive jackpot in slot machines

What are slot machines with a progressive jackpot. Slots with a cumulative top prize

With the continuous development of electronics, the first slot machines equipped with microprocessors appeared in casinos decades ago.

Their use has given new life to the traditional slots, as it became possible to diversify the game with a variety of previously inaccessible innovations.

One of the most popular inventions to this day, was the progressive jackpot in slot machines.

The idea of the jackpot itself was by no means new. Every slot had long had a combination that, on a roll, gave the player the maximum possible winnings in a given slot machine. However, in 1986, there was an event that, without a doubt, a revolution in casino gambling, and not only in the slots – the progressive jackpot.

IGT (International Gaming Technologies) introduced the Megabucks machines, which could be combined into a network.

The breakthrough was not actually the creation of a common network, but the opportunity to organize a progressive jackpot, that is, a jackpot whose value is formed with each bet made on each slot machine connected into a single network.

Accordingly, the greater the number of bets made on the maximum possible number of slots, the more significant was the jackpot and the faster it increased.

  • Slot machines Megabucks instantly gained popularity, both among players and operators and casino owners. 
  • Later, with the development of the Internet, online institutions also began to actively use the progressive jackpot. 
  • The first of the major institutions, which became actively use the system of accumulative prize was the casino Cash Splash.

It is worth noting that if the slot machine is labeled “progressive jackpot”, it does not necessarily mean that it is connected to a single network. It may well be that the slot has its own top prize, which is formed over time.

The highest winnings

Of course, the highest winnings can be found in large casinos, which often network thousands of slot machines, geographically located in different parts of the world. However, often only one or two gambling halls are combined into a progressive jackpot network. In general, this issue is individual and depends on the managing staff of the institution and their capabilities.

Top prize

At online casinos, there is almost always a chance to compete for the top prize. By the way, it is not at all necessary to play only on slot machines. Video poker, blackjack, roulette and other gambling entertainment have their own version of Jackpot.

Remember, with each slot machine connected to the network with any bet made, a certain percentage goes to the main prize fund.

Thus, the payout percentage of this slot will be slightly lower than that of the unconnected one.

If you do not have much faith in the possibility of winning the jackpot, you should not play for such a slot machine, as you will get less money back in the form of winnings.

There are no strategies on how to play the game. The probability of winning, especially a large jackpot in a large network, is very small.

However, it should be remembered that quite often, in order to be entitled to a full payment of the prize, it is necessary to play at a set size wager (for example, the maximum possible wager).

So if you seriously want to fight for the progressive jackpot, clarify this point in advance.

In any case, even in spite of all the ghost of a chance to win, every day someone snatches a super prize. Sometimes you really want to try your luck and you should not deny yourself this. Progressive jackpot in slot machines can bring huge winnings.

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